Under the patronage of H.R.H. Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy, and H.E. Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Bahrain’s Minister of Oil Supported by SAUDI ARAMCO

ICCUS Conference25 – 26 February 2020Four Seasons, Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia

Enabling the circular economy through Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

On 25 - 26 February 2020, 600+ government officials and leading private sector professionals working on CCUS project development and climate change initiatives from over 16 countries will come together for Saudi Arabia’s inaugural International Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Conference (iCCUS) at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Held under the kind patronage of H.R.H. Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy, and H.E. Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Bahrain’s Minister of Oil – and supported by Saudi Aramco, the conference brings together world leaders to discuss the role of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage in enabling a circular economy.

iCCUS will provide a forum in which industry giants and new-to-market technology solution providers can discuss, display and demonstrate the steps to further scale CCUS and move to a cleaner, technology-driven future.

Welcome message from Chairman

Chairman of the ICCUS Conference

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the international Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (iCCUS) Conference to be held on 25-26 February 2020 at the Four Season Hotel in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The conference is co-organized under the patronage of the Minister of Energy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Minister of Oil of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our world is faced with the dual challenge of providing access to clean and affordable energy to billions of people, while ensuring environmental sustainability and stewardship. Despite the remarkable progress of renewable energies in the global energy mix and the significant improvement in energy efficiency, global greenhouse gas emissions have been fluctuating over past years. The urgency to act on climate, combined with the scale of ambitions in carbon emissions reduction require a paradigm shift in the way we approach climate policies and strategies. We must dispose of our conventional notion of a linear economy growth model as a once-through system and adopt the principles of a circular carbon economy model which value all options to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

CCUS is a key technology for removing, reusing, and recycling carbon dioxide emissions - addressing multiple dimensions of the circular carbon economy model. CCUS technology has come a long way with projects in power and industry, and continues to demonstrate its technical feasibility. There are 18 large scale CCUS plants in operation across the globe, capturing and storing around 30 million tonnes of CO2 per year. However, according to many studies from the IPCC and IEA, the world would need to capture, store or use around 1000 million tonnes of CO2 annually by 2030. Realizing fully the value of CCUS remains a global challenge: overall costs need to be reduced, global storage capacity needs to be consolidated and appropriate policy instruments need to be implemented, in order to ensure widespread deployment of CCUS technology and meet its global climate change ambitions.

The conference will focus on the role of CCUS as a key enabler for the circular carbon economy. I hope this conference will contribute to improving CCUS recognition as a vital technology for achieving climate goals. I look forward to welcoming you in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


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